Call Answering Services vs Answering Machine

In today’s fast-paced and customer-centric world, businesses are constantly seeking ways to provide the best customer service. One important aspect of this is ensuring prompt and reliable communication with customers. While answering machines were once considered a viable solution, recent studies clearly show that a call answering service offers a superior customer experience. So, why should businesses choose a call answering service over traditional voicemail?

Professional and personalised

There are many advantages to using a call answering service that make it a much better option than a voicemail system. The professional and personalised call experience when speaking to a real person provides a vital human touch that most customers want. Trained agents greet customers warmly and address their specific enquiries or concerns. This personal interaction creates a positive impression of your business, enhancing customer satisfaction. Studies have shown that the vast majority of customers do not leave a message on answering machines or voicemail, and most do not call back either, meaning you are missing out on business.

Imagine calling a business with a pressing enquiry or a potential sales opportunity, only to be greeted by a soulless machine. Customers want human interaction and personalised attention. A survey conducted by Harris Interactive and cited by Transcosmos revealed that 69% of customers feel frustrated when their call is answered by an automated system [1].

An immediate response

Another advantage of using call answering services is the immediate assistance it gives your customers. Unlike an answering machine that requires callers to leave a message and wait for a response, callers get live support and have their questions addressed straight away. This not only builds trust and satisfaction, it also increases the likelihood of converting leads into sales.

Efficient Call Management:

Efficiently managing incoming calls is essential for any business. Customers’ perception of wait time directly affects their satisfaction levels. With an answering machine, callers may be uncertain about their place in the queue or whether their message was received. A call answering service, on the other hand, has trained agents who can efficiently manage your calls and take messages. This reduces customer frustration and enables timely follow-ups.

A competitive advantage

Providing exceptional customer service sets businesses apart from their competitors. Research by American Express cited by Hubspot revealed that 33% of customers would switch to a different company after just a single poor service experience [2]. By using a call answering service, you’re showing your commitment to delivering an excellent customer experience.

Evolving needs and expectations

While automated answering may have been a reasonable solution in the past, the evolving needs and expectations of customers demand a more personalised and efficient approach. Call answering services help businesses to meet these expectations. The many benefits of using a call answering service that we have outlined here make them the clear winner in enhancing the overall customer experience. Embracing this approach is an investment in building lasting relationships with customers and ensuring business success in the long run.