Pay Monthly Terms & Conditions

Our Agreement

When you sign up to our Pay Monthly service, you must be at least 18 years old and, if you’re applying for a business, you must be authorised to apply on behalf of the business. If you decide to change your mind and cancel, we’ll need to know within 24 hours, otherwise, we’ll assume that you still want to go ahead.

We’ll send you an email to confirm your order and get everything started. We’ll need to know all about you so we can set up your service correctly so make sure everything is up to date. We’ll give you a login and password to our support portal which you’ll need to keep them secure. If you lose them then someone else might be able to access your account and, for example, make changes or use up your credit. You need to tell us straight away if you’ve lost your login details so we can protect your account.

We work on a rolling month to month contract. This means that your contract will auto-renew each month unless you give us a month’s notice that you don’t want to continue with us. You’re not tied in for lots of months – just one at a time. If you do cancel, we need an email to confirm that it’s really you that is cancelling. We can’t accept verbal cancellations as they may have come from anyone. Please note that we do don’t pro-rate our package fees so, depending on when you cancel, you may have to pay for the final month’s package fee, even if it’s just a few days of the next month..

Once you sign up, you can’t sell or transfer our contract to someone else without us giving our written permission for you to do so.

Starting your service & your divert number

Once your payment is through, we’ll set everything up and give you a telephone number where you should divert your calls. Please remember that the divert number is ours so you’ll need to tell us if you plan to make it public in some way, for example printing it on your business cards, and we need to agree that’s ok.

We might need to change your number at some point but this will be a rare event. Usually, it’s only done in the event you’ve lost your login information and sometimes we may need to take that extra step to secure your account. If that happens, we might have to change or temporarily switch off your number straightaway and then tell you about it. We’ll try not to do that but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If we do have to change your number or turn it off for any reason, we won’t be responsible for any costs you might incur as a result.

Invoices, Payments & Price Rises

We raise invoices for our Pay Monthly clients on the 1st of each month and send it to you by email. If there’s a problem, you need to let us know within 3 working days of receiving the invoice so we can fix it. After that time, we’ll assume you agree with the invoice and we’ll collect your payment by direct debit on the 8th of the month or the last working day before. If your direct debit bounces, we’ll resubmit it and we’ll charge your £10.00 to cover our costs in doing so.

If you cancel your direct debit, we will immediately stop taking your calls contact you to find out why it was cancelled. We do this because it’s very easy for a client to run up a large bill after cancelling their direct debit. We’ve been burned in the past so we’re very cautious when this happens. If you don’t want to continue, that’s fine but we may need to charge for any extra calls you might have received to that point.

You will have signed up for one of our packages of included calls. Each package has a set number of calls which are included each month. If you receive more calls than are included, we charge for each extra call at the rate which is set for your package. If you receive fewer calls than are included in your package, any unused calls don’t rollover into the next month. If we make a call on your behalf, this counts as one of your included calls and the cost of the call is charged at a fixed rate for landlines and a fixed rate for mobiles. The current rates are on our website and a call is charged with a minimum duration of one minute and then in units of 30 seconds from then on.

We raise our prices on 30th April each year. The price rise is calculated as the Consumer Price Index (CPI) + 3.9%. If the CPI is zero or negative, the price rise will be 3.9%. This increase will occur automatically and show in your May invoice.

Our service: what we'll do and what we won't

We never sleep and so we’ll answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We’ll do our best to answer every call and to take a message every time. We can’t guarantee that we’ll always answer every single call but we’ll try our hardest to do so. With the best will in the world, some calls are going to be missed. Very rarely we might get part of the message wrong – we’re only human after all! If any of these happen, we won’t be responsible or liable for any costs you might incur as a result. Sometimes, if we’re really busy, it might take us longer to answer the call than normal. Over the course of a month, we aim for 80% of calls being answered within 20 seconds.

Given that we have our reputation to consider, we won’t answer calls that are in any way involved or associated with anything iffy. By iffy we mean anything illegal, obscene, racist, immoral or anything else we consider might harm our reputation. If we think that’s the case, we’ll cancel your contract immediately and without notice. As it’s our reputation, our decision is final.

We’re nice people and we don’t like being abused by callers. If we take a call for you and the caller is abusive in any way or uses offensive language, we’ll hang up. Where possible, we’ll bar that caller from your account so they can’t ring back and be abusive again. If we can’t bar them and they ring back, we’ll just hang up on them.

Although we do our very best to handle your calls with the utmost care and skill, sometimes things go wrong. If we are unable to take a message on a call or, by mistake take incorrect information, or fail to send a message to you, we can’t be liable for any problems this may cause nor costs it may incur. This would include loss of income or profits, damage to your reputation, loss of any data, or any consequential loss.

Sales calls

We hate them too! Most sales calls are really obvious and we can get rid of them for you without problems. However, we all know how sneaky some people can be so, occasionally, one might slip through. If that happens, please let us know and we’ll refund that call as a credit against any additional calls you’ve had that month. If there aren’t any additional calls, the credit will be included within your monthly package. We’ll check the call itself and, if we disagree with you that it’s a sales call, we might not refund you.

Having been used and abused in the past, the maximum number of calls we will refund won’t be more than 5% of the calls you received in the previous 30 days. If you’re receiving lots of sales calls, we may change your divert number to stop the problem. In case you’re wondering, we decide how many calls mean “lots of sales calls.”

Written communications

Given the nature of what we do, any communications between us must be in writing. The Support Portal is set up to do this and you will need to use that if you need to contact us. Anything else we might need to send to you will be in electronic format.

Events outside our control

Sometimes things really go wrong. In 2007 we had two feet of water running through the building: not good. While we have backup phone and data lines, and a big generator sitting in the car park, sometimes even those aren’t enough for us to keep going. When something happens that we decide is outside our control such as a fire or flooding or whatever else might be the problem, we’ll deal with it as best as we can so we can keep going and provide service. We might not do as good a job under the circumstances as we would normally but we’ll do our best.

Legal stuff

Okay…we tried but apparently there has to be some legal stuff.

All your messages are confidential: we won’t tell anyone about them. However, if we’re served with a Court Order requiring any information about you or your messages, we will co-operate with those law enforcement agencies in disclosing whatever information they may require or is covered by the Court Order.

If any of these Terms are determined to be invalid, unlawful, or unenforceable then that term will be severed from the remaining ones which will continue to be valid.

These terms and conditions represent the entire agreement between us and they supersede any prior terms, agreement, understanding, or any other arrangement between us. They are governed by English law and, if there is any dispute arising from or related to the Agreement, it will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

We may need to change these Terms from time to time and the most current version of our Terms will always be on our website.