How to Improve Customer Satisfaction with Call Answering Services

Any business needs to invest in customer service in order to improve and maintain customer satisfaction. When your customers are happy with your products and services as well as the customer service experience you provide, this will help you to acquire new customers through word-of-mouth and positive feedback. More than half of customers use the phone to contact customer services, making it an important channel and one which deserves investment. Using a call answering service will strengthen your support team, improve your customer support service and customer satisfaction, giving you the edge over your competitors.

Build your credibility

Using a call answering service ensures that your customers always interact with a professional who is trained and can handle calls effectively. Your customers will always be able to speak to a real person, rather than a bot, who will be able to deal with their query and this will reinforce your business’s reputation.

More convenient for your customers

A call answering service is available 24/7, which is more convenient for customers who may be unable to make personal calls during office hours. Although other channels such as email and live chat can be useful for simple general enquiries, when a customer needs an immediate answer, they will prefer to speak to a customer service representative. The sooner you can help them with their enquiry, the happier they will be. You could go one step further in engaging with your customers by sending an email after the phone call asking for their feedback.

Capture every call

A call answering service which operates beyond normal operating hours and at weekends means no call goes unanswered. It would be prohibitively expensive for a small business to provide round-the-clock support themselves, so outsourcing calls is the ideal way to keep communication lines open. It also means you can support overseas customers in different time zones. Wherever they are based and whenever they make their call, your customers will be supported and their questions answered, ensuring you capture every call and never miss an opportunity.

Enhance employee productivity

In outsourcing customer support to a call answering team, you reduce the workload of your staff and this allows them to focus on more urgent tasks rather than answering basic queries. A call answering service will only connect the most important calls and will handle most customer queries without the need to contact your team. With fewer interruptions, productivity and performance are improved and fewer mistakes are made.

Missing calls means missing out on potential new leads and letting down loyal customers. A call answering service will help you to build and reinforce strong relationships with your customers. With a reliable, professional call answering service, you can meet all of your customers’ needs, exceed their expectations and improve customer satisfaction.