How much does our call answering service cost?

At Take My Calls, we believe in offering flexible and comprehensive call answering service plans that cater to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re just starting out or have an established presence in the market, our range of packages ensures you’ll find the perfect fit for your call volume needs.

Starter package: 60 calls per month (£90/month excluding VAT)

Ideal for businesses with a moderate call volume, the Starter Package covers up to 60 calls per month. This plan is perfect for those who are on an initial exploration of the world of professional call management. It includes up to 60 incoming calls per month, with additional calls charged at £2.50 each. You’ll also benefit from customised call information collection and freedom from unwanted spam calls.

Intermediate package: 100 calls per month (£130/month excluding VAT)

Stepping up a notch, the Intermediate Package offers a higher call volume allowance. This plan is designed for businesses that have a steady flow of incoming calls and need a little more flexibility. With this package, you’ll enjoy up to 100 incoming calls per month, and any extra calls will be charged at £2.40 each. As with all our plans, you can customise call information collection and rest easy knowing that spam calls won’t cost you a penny.

Advanced package: 200 calls per month (£230/month excluding VAT)

For businesses with a more substantial call volume, the Advanced Package delivers increased capacity and features to streamline your communication process. This plan is suitable for businesses that experience higher call traffic. With the Advanced Package, you’ll have the capacity for up to 200 incoming calls per month, and any additional calls will incur a charge of £2.30 each. As always, you’ll have the option to tailor call information collection and remain protected from spam calls.

Tailoring your plan to suit your business

While our preset packages cover a range of call volumes, we understand that your business’s needs might evolve over time. That’s why we offer the flexibility to create your own custom package. If you require a smaller or larger number of calls than the preset plans offer, our custom package option ensures that you only pay for the calls you need.

Rolling month-to-month Contracts for ultimate adaptability

Unlike traditional long-term contracts that tie you down, we provide rolling month-to-month contracts. This allows you to adapt your plan as your business demands change. If you foresee a spike in call volume due to special campaigns or promotions, you can temporarily increase your package for that month and then revert to your regular plan afterwards.

Communication: The backbone of success

At Take My Calls, we understand that communication is the backbone of success. Our range of call answering service plans caters to businesses with varying call volume requirements, ensuring that you can stay connected and responsive to your customers’ needs. With customisable plans, adaptable contracts and features that focus on meaningful communication, we’re committed to helping your business thrive. Choose the plan that suits you best and experience the ease and efficiency of professional call management today.