Call Centre Management

Our call answering service here at Take My Calls can offer you many benefits that will help you with call centre management. We can handle incoming calls for you so your customers always get to speak to a friendly human who understands your business.

Busy times

We can help with overflow call management during peak business hours or whenever your business is experiencing a high volume of calls. This will prevent call congestion and will help you to maintain the level of service you would want to provide. You can manage spikes in calls and make sure your in-house call centre staff don’t get overwhelmed, whilst giving your customers the service they expect.

Out of hours coverage

By using our call answering service, you can provide 24/7 customer support. We can handle calls outside of regular business hours, during after-hours and holiday periods. Importantly, your call centre will still remain reachable to valued customers even when your own team are not working, thanks to our round-the-clock service. We understand that customers always prefer to speak to a real human rather than a bot or an answering machine, and that they will very much appreciate having their queries answered quickly and efficiently. This is positive for the reputation of your brand and existing customers are far more likely to recommend you to others.

Call screening and filtering

At Take My Calls, we filter and screen incoming calls based on your criteria, such as urgency or type of call. We prioritise calls and make sure that only relevant calls are forwarded to your call centre staff, reducing their workload and improving call handling efficiency.

We sound just like you

We work with you to build call scripts for our staff to use and to develop standardised responses to ensure your customers receive a consistent and professional service. This helps to maintain quality standards and means your customers receive consistent and accurate information, whoever handles the call. Many of our customers tell us that their customers don’t realise they are speaking to someone outside of your business and often refer to us as ‘your receptionist’.

Flexible and scalable

We have a variety of packages for you to choose from, to meet the requirements of your business. You can scale your plan up or down as required to match any fluctuations in call volume. If you have a current marketing campaign, for example, and expect a sudden increase in call volume, we can help you manage this without you needing to recruit and train your own staff. By choosing our call answering service for call centre management, you will improve your call centre’s efficiency, enhance customer service and ensure seamless call handling, even at peak times or after-hours.